Natural History - Ideas were derived from nature

       Human beings always take natural resources for granted, while the nature seems quite tolerable for our damages. But gradually, we feel panicked seeing all the dirty rivers, polluted air and barren grounds. Maybe some of us still don’t treat this as a vital issue, but what really matters is the influence for our later generations, they deserve all the fine natural resources as we do. Actually, we have the responsibility to prove that we can balance the resources consumption and environmental protection. But what else can we do besides all these words? “When spring comes, we can’t help welcoming the wind, the flower and the colour, we want to take a deep breath when touching the rain or the fog, the taste of the rain is bitter while fresh “—Chaijing. We love nature as much as we love our lives, even if live in a busy city, every change of natural elements will provoke our deep affection towards nature, such like a bunch of sunlight, the green moss roads and the deep oceans. We depend on nature to develop our civilizations, our cities and our lives, but the prosperity makes us overconfidently believe that we have the ability to conquer the earth. Only when suffering from disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, human beings suddenly realize that we are nothing but a small part of nature. All of the inspirations on scientific discoveries and sources come from nature. We must show respect and gratitude towards nature, because only through harmonious development with nature, we can acquire joy and happiness, that’s the wellbeing we are always seeking.
NH 1

Traditional Chinese ink painting affected by the Taoism, which takes the simplicity of “Black and White” to display a different performance. The result is an image that depicts natural scenes very emotionally, through a combination of sketches, random splashes and strokes and intricate brushwork within a single painting.

Interface has taken the poetic imagery of Chinese ink painting as the inspiration for the new “Natural History” products. These styles are made through the application of using nature’s principle of “Less is More”, using only those ingredients absolutely needed for performance.

The simple color line and defined contrast clear respect for their artistic origins and a technical specification that demonstrates Interface’s lead in Sustainable product design.

“Natural History” has two patterns: NH610 shows us a wash painting of vast Chinese scenery while NH611 displays the intersection of different lines.Want to learn more about this product? Please click here to visit.

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