Brushed Lines

Installation Methods
  • Ashlar Ashlar
Product Specifications
Product Number A016
Nominal Dimensions 25cm x 1m
High Performance Luxury Vinyl Plank
Wear Layer Thichness 0.55 mm
Total Thickness 4.5mm
Classification EN 651 Class 33(heavy contract)
EN 651 Class 42(light industrial general)
Acoustic Impact Noise Reduction ISO 140.8 ΔLw = 16dB
Finish CERAMOR(TM) UV Stabilized Ceramic Bead Coating
Nominal Dimensions 25cm x 100cm
Critical Heat Flux AS ISO 9239-1 >7kW/m2
Smoke Rate AS ISO 9239-1 <750%.min
ISO 24342 <400 mm <0.25 mm
ISO 24342 >400 mm < 0.35 mm
Dimensional Stability ISO 23999 <0.25%
Resistance to Light ISO 105-B02 ≥6
Resistance to Heat ASTM F1514 ΔE< 8 avg Max
Resistance to Chemical EN-ISO 26987 Pass
VOC Test ISO 10580 Pass
Flexibility ISO 24344 Method A Pass
Static Load Limit ASTM F970 ≤0.005' with 1500 psi
LVT Castor Chair ISO 4918 Pass
Slip Resistance AS 4586:2014 R10
Ingredients & Life Cycle Impacts EPD for LVT
Sustainability Assessment NSF/ANSI 332, Meets Certification Guidelines
LEED v4 Contributes to IEQ: Low Emitting Materials; M&R: EPD and EPR
End of Life Fully Recyclable LVT to Carpet Tile Backing Recycling
Installation See Interface LVT Installation Guidelines online
LVT Maintenance See Interface LVT Maintenance Guidelines online
Reclamation Recyclable through ReEntry®
LVT Warranty 15Year Standard LVT Product Warranty
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