Segements - Corporate Office

Modular Carpet Tile for the Corporate Office

With Interface’s modular carpet tiles – in an exciting range of designs and styles – you can be assured all your needs will be met, whether you’re a corporate office, a major commercial company, a multinational or are leasing out office space.

For offices, both modern and traditional, our extensive selection of colours, patterns and textures can be custom-designed to match your brand, personality and industry – we can even include your corporate colours or logo using our Design Services. And with manufacturing operations on four continents and in seven countries, we can ensure consistency between the offices of international and regional operations.

Interface flooring improves performance. Replacing flooring is one of the most cost-effective ways to update and transform office interiors and create spaces that attract and retain high-quality staff or tenants. Innovative and beautiful design inspires both staff and clients. A beautiful working environment improves productivity.  

Stylish, hard-wearing and stain-resistant, our carpets are easy to clean and maintain. What’s more, they improve acoustics, provide underfoot comfort, and individual tiles can be replaced rather than the whole flooring, which is economical, smart and cuts installation costs. Carpet can be replaced virtually overnight, without disrupting your work.

Interface has earned the trust of an international clientele, working with businesses of all shapes and sizes; we create durable business relationships that are collaborative, committed and productive.

Interface carpets can also help reduce your environmental footprint. From production to installation and recycling, our product is environmentally friendly with minimal waste.

For beautiful offices that suit your personality, for your bottom line and for improving workplace performance, Interface carpet tiles offer you great opportunities.