Luxury Vinyl Tile Benefits


What is LVT flooring?

LVT, or luxury vinyl tile, is a type of modular vinyl flooring. Unlike traditional vinyl flooring, in which single sheets are used, tiles are laid out individually. It’s often designed to look like real wood or stone, but has more practical benefits than natural materials.

Our vinyl floor tiles have a high quality finish, making them ideal for commercial and corporate environments. Designed to enable creative designs that make an impact – they are visually striking, versatile, and easy to install.

The benefits of luxury vinyl tile flooring

They’re carbon neutral
All our LVT products contain 39% recycled content, and are carbon neutral across their full product life cycle.

It’s easy to handle
Because our LVT is modular, it comes in boxes that are manageable sizes for a single person to carry. Our LVT is easy to store and move tiles around. And, quick and easy to transport tiles around multi-story buildings. It is flexible and easy to cut for installations in corners or edge of the walls.

It’s durable
Our luxury vinyl tiles use a Ceramor™ ceramic bead coating – so it’s resistant to scratching and scuffing. It’s also made with a fibreglass layer between two core sheets – creating a strong core for dimensional stability and flexibility. This is heavy contract flooring at its finest.

It’s easy to update
Individual vinyl tiles can be lifted and replaced with ease, so style updates can be put in place fast enough to keep you ahead of the trends. And, if the floor does become damaged, replacement tiles are easy to fit.

It offers better indoor air quality
Each of our many floors meet the highest standards for indoor air quality, and LVT is no exception. LVT is also FloorScore® Certified to emit very low emissions of VOCs, so you can breathe easy.

It offers superior acoustics
Interface LVT designs come with our superior Sound Choice™ backing as standard. This means less noise, even on hard floors – so you can build spaces made for concentration.

It’s bold
Mix and match different styles for unique combinations, mark out defined ‘zones’ of the floor in open-plan spaces, and push the boundaries of your creativity. LVT invites you to make a statement.

The technical benefits

It’s easy to use with carpet tiles
Available in either 50x50 cm squares or skinny 25x100 cm planks, our LVT module sizes are the same as our carpet tiles.

Some colours are light-reflecting
Certain LVT colours have a high light reflecting value (LRV). This means that the tiles reflect more light, so less artificial light is needed to illuminate the space.

Straightforward installation
LVT can be fit into place with ease, without the need for transition strips. Its low profile means fitting around cabinets and thresholds is never a problem, so you can focus on achieving your chosen design.

An environmentally friendly option

Less waste
LVT installation produces less waste as single tiles can be replaced, so the entire floor doesn’t need to be ripped up and discarded when damage occurs.

Carbon neutral, always
The flooring products that we sell are carbon neutral across their full product life cycle. We continue to offset the full life cycle of greenhouse gas emissions for LVT – and the rest of our entire portfolio.

Our LVT products

From vibrant spaces to muted rooms, our LVT products suit a range of design challenges.
If you're not sure where to start, get inspired here.
Need advice? Speak to our  Concept Design team.

Your 15-year warranty

Our luxury vinyl tiles come with a 15-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that your floor will look just as good in the future as it did the day you laid it. 

LVT, meet carpet

Compatible in height and size, our LVT and carpet tiles have been designed to join seamlessly – with no transition strips. Create beautiful style and colour combinations using products that were made for each other.