Modular Carpet Tile in Retail

We can pull the rug out from under you with surprisingly little disruption.

The proven performance and flexibility of Interface modular carpet tile extends beyond award winning design and easy maintenance. Our products can enhance the consumer experience in a variety of retail environments—from specialty boutiques to national chains and movie theaters—by providing focal points for display, directional cues for easier orientation to registers and dressing room, and even branding opportunities with logo carpet at transition and walk-off points.

Their superior performance in demanding environments includes underfoot comfort and sound absorption, as well as the convenience of in-house installation and repair. With our extensive range of complementary products and colorways, you can reconfigure easily to reflect seasonal changes.

Our glue-free installation system, TacTiles®, allows for simple, cost-effective selective replacement that doesn’t require moving fixtures to remodel and results in less than 4% installation waste. Suddenly, modular carpet tile becomes a versatile design element and not just a fixture on the floor.

Maximize Efficiency. Minimize Costs.
We understand the challenges and complexities of multiple locations, difficult schedules and occupied space. That’s why Interface Services is committed to help your company minimize expenses, avoid delays, reduce downtime and deliver the look you want. With a dedicated team and a service schedule tailored to your needs, we can create cost-saving initiatives and solutions that ensure a seamless and streamlined process from the ground up.