Calm and Naturally Subtle


Surrounded by distractions we lose our ability to connect and focus. Nature restores our sense of calm and helps us feel more grounded. Inspired by natural rock formations, Composure creates a tranquil, comfortable platform.

The collection includes a trio of products Composure, Composure Colours and Composure Edge offering a wide range of neutral, pastel and bright colourways.


Inspired by rock formations from around the world the 8 neutral Composure colorways create a tranquil, soothing base for any space.

Composure Colours

The 7 Composure Colours feature both chalky pastels and poppy brights, expanding the versatility of the Composure Collection.

Composure Edge

Composure Edge features a transitional design over a single tile, multiplying the possibilities of this great collection. Use Composure, Composure Colours, and Composure Edge in combination to create an organic colour flow that links one space to another.