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Our Shanghai showroom has been designed with the wellbeing, health and creativity of our people in mind. From conception we implemented a number of actions and services to make the space welcoming, productive and collaborative.

At Interface, we know that happy people are more productive and creative colleagues. This is why we applied the Platinum level for the WELL certification for our Shanghai showroom.

The cafeteria is equipped with refrigerator, microwave, direct drinking water supply, convenient to save and heat up the food brought from home. Our showroom also has fitness equipment, ergonomic work stations and a rest area. Our colleagues fed into the design of The Oasis to ensure they are happy, productive and creative when they are here.

Spaces for our employees

A healthy body
At Interface, we know that it is important to provide quality food to perform well throughout the day. Our spaces offer whole grain snacks as well as several drinks (coffee, organic tea, sparking water) to stay hydrated.

An active lifestyle
An active lifestyle is also the key to keeping people happy and productive. Our Shanghai office is equipped with Novo Bicycle, which combines sports and office furniture to support colleagues to exercise. The design of the space means colleagues are encouraged to avoid long-term static office posture and use more parts of their bodies in daily work to improve comfort and work efficiency. At the same time, every Monday afternoon, we will arrange an outdoor run to connect our team and support our colleagues exercise goals .

Collaborate, decompress or work alone
Thanks to the configuration of our space it’s biophilic design inspiration supports the creativity, productivity and well-being of our people. Our break out areas ensure colleagues can take a well-deserved break, exercise, rest or work alone / in groups as needed. Our office also has isolated telephone booth, gives the employee a quiet place to think and meditate.

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