Beautifully Enlivening LVT

Step into Fresco Valley, a beautifully unique collection of three luxury vinyl tile designs born from nature, with sophisticated hues designed to enrich and enliven enjoyable interior spaces.

Cliff expresses flowing layers of stone, stippled with organic texture. Ridge reveals shimmering seams of water, angling across rocky minerals. And Great Heights™ with its rich, glowing woodgrain textures, varying in tone across expanding spaces.

Like all Interface products, it is part of our Carbon Neutral Floors™ program. When you specify Fresco Valley, you’re on the path to a more sustainable space. You’re choosing to reduce the carbon footprint of your space and help improve the health of the planet.

Fresh inspiration that considers the environment and promotes wellbeing in your space. For enlivening LVT, nature works.

Step into Fresco Valley

LVT To Enrich Interior Spaces

With three patterns and 18 organic colourways, explore an LVT collection born from nature, inspired by stone and woodgrains and shimmering mineral metallics.

Designed To Inspire Spaces That Put Wellbeing First

We’re constantly inspired by nature and the connection we have to it. Step into Beaumont Range to see how we’re harnessing the power of the natural world to bring it to yours. Fresh new thinking for wellbeing and the planet.

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