LVT meet carpet.

Beauty meet function.
We’ve designed our LVT and Carpet Tiles to work together seamlessly – with no transition strips. This effortless meeting of hard surfaces, soft textures, endless pattern and colour combinations allows you to create truly unique flooring designs.

Safe meet sound.
Our LVT designs always come with our superior Sound Choice™ backing. So even hard floors can minimise noise, making it easier for you to create spaces for concentration and focus.

Breathe meet easy.
Each of our many floors meet the highest standards for indoor air quality, and LVT is no exception. LVT is also FloorScore® Certified to emit very low emissions of VOCs.

Concept meet design.
Whatever your design challenge, our Concept Design team can help translate your vision into stunning floor designs.

All our products meet Carbon Neutral.
Lower your carbon footprint with one positive step. When you buy from us, we calculate your floor’s carbon neutral credentials, and leverage our established and third party verified offsets programmes to neutralise your floor's carbon impact. That’s why our Carbon Neutral Floors help you lower your carbon footprint.

Interested to know more?

Meet our favourite styles.

Our diverse range of LVT collections offer a broad wealth of design choice.

From earthy elements like wood and stone, the Level Set Collection, captures natural beauty in soft hues and tones.

The Boundary Metallics collection is inspired by weathered, man-made industrial materials. Infused warm warm and cool metallics, light dances across the floor activating that typically static surface.

The new Drawn Lines collection takes its cues nature’s natural geometric repetitions with vibrancy. Designed with a fine matrix of intersecting lines with soft areas of light and dark gives a prismatic effect in an array of scales, offering dimension and rhythm.
From our Ceramor™ coating to our Sound Choice™ acoustic backing, we’ve designed our modular resilient LVT to provide peak performance in even the most challenging environments while also providing superior acoustic properties.