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Guests of full service hotels have high expectations. From the look and feel of their rooms to the level of service they experience, everything should be special. When you choose Luxcierge, your expectations should be just as high.

Luxcierge is our process for developing fully custom products. We’ve elevated not just the aesthetics of our product offering, but the experience as well. Our collaborative designer to designer approach means we work with you hand in hand to create the perfect floor for your unique brand of luxury. From first ideas to installation, Interface Hospitality is dedicated to realizing your vision.

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What to Expect

When you choose our Luxcierge process, you’ll work directly with our in-house design team so your feedback and ideas are always top of mind. Here's what you can expect during your project:

1. You’ll meet with our in-house product designers to discuss design and project requirements.

2. They’ll get to work developing patterns and colors for you to review.

3. Once the patterns and colors are approved, layouts and floor plans are developed and shared.

4. The next step is the fun part. You’ll have a physical sample to review and approve.

5. Then the design team will create a mock-up on the floor to see how the “real” product comes together on the floor.

6. Next is production and shipment.

7. The final step? Guests fall in love with your vision.

Ready to get started? Contact our hospitality sales team now.

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