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Modular Carpet Tile in K-12 Schools

Designed to Succeed

Good school design is more than creating a beautiful space. It’s also what makes a classroom more collaborative and conducive to learning, a library quieter and day-to-day practices easier and more flexible for facility personnel to maintain.

At Interface design informs every aspect of our carpet tiles from choosing materials and suppliers to manufacturing and recycling, as well as our impact on the communities in which they’re made and sold. And as the climate neutral carpet tile for schools, our carpet tiles allow for forward design thinking that leads to improved performance and productivity, greater sustainability, healthier bottom lines and learning spaces that are simply more productive and beautiful.

Interface modular carpet tiles are designed to perform in education spaces. Our patented TacTiles® installation system eliminates the need for glue reducing installation hassles and our carpet tile resist stains and moisture making the flooring a cinch to maintain. And we offer a 15 year warranty for education. From classrooms and hallways to office areas, you get all the comfort, warmth, convenience and noise absorption qualities carpet can provide with none of the drawbacks. Now that's flooring that deserves an A+.

Modular Carpet Tile in Higher Education

Provide an education in green while saving money and minimizing installation hassles along the way.

Among the many markets served by Interface, higher education has probably developed green practices further than any other. Sustainability directors on college and university payrolls don’t need to be convinced of the need to make choices that safeguard the environment. If anything, you’re the ones pushing for those changes.

Together we need to challenge the status quo and really think big—as in every college student in a green school within this generation.

Long lasting performance and a positive environmental impact
Of course you want to go as easy on budgets and maintenance staffs as you do on the environment. But since Interface's climate neutral, modular carpet tiles install with zero glue and as little as 1.5% waste, are spill- and stain-resistant, and can be individually and quickly replaced, we’re also a sensible option. Higher education institutions that consider the whole lifecycle choose Interface because they understand the holistic leveraged impact of their choices. Through your procurement departments, you can set an example of greening the supply chain.

But what is all this worth? Beyond reducing a campus’ carbon footprint, green initiatives can save money, and more and more colleges and universities are focusing on sustainable purchasing. Their green efforts are also helping to attract the increasing number of students seeking out more sustainable campuses because of serious concerns about environmental issues. With Interface products, the next time a prospective student asks about your institution’s sustainability mission, you can begin your answer by pointing to the floor.

Higher Education Projects

  • Frank and Laura Lewis Library,  LaGrange College

    Location LaGrange, GA  Photos Nathan Bolster

    If you rsquo;re going to do something...
    Do it right. So the school brought in some experts. to work with. With the help of Jay K. Lucker, Director of Libraries for MIT, real estate developer Partners Development, and sustainable building consultants Southface and Holley Henderson of H2 Ecodesign, a LEED Silver building was born.

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  • Georgia Perimeter College

    Location Clarkston, GA  Photos Nathan Bolster

  • Daniel E. Cracchiolo Law Library

    Location Tucson, AZ  Photos ©Ronald Bishop

  • Emory University

    Location Atlanta, GA  Photos Nathan Bolster

    As Supervisor of Interior Design for Emory University, one of the nation rsquo;s leading research universities and home to one of the Southeast rsquo;s premiere healthcare systems, Stephanie Davies-Dickinson covers a lot of ground. With help from Interface, she rsquo;s covered a lot of it with carpet tile.

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  • Ohio State University

    Location Columbus, OH  Photo ©Feinknopf Photography

  • Virginia Commonwealth University - James Branch Cabell Library

    Location Richmond, VA  Photos ©Al Wekelo


Our carpet tiles support learning:
. Sound absorption properties reduce distractions and noise.
. Comfort underfoot reduces fatigue amongst staff
. Soft flooring protects against slips and falls
. Easy maintenance - easy to clean and easily replaceable
. Soft flooring provides improved indoor air quality

Installation is simple and cost effective:
. Up to 90% less waste than roll carpet installation
. Installs twice as fast as roll carpet
. In-house staff can handle routine installations and replacement