Carbon Storing Carpet. It's a Thing.

As part of our Climate Take Back™ mission we’re exploring ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere and replace the petroleum-based carbon in our products with bio-based carbon. We’re moving closer to a solution with our CircuitBac™ Green backing. Manufactured in Europe and available on select products, this innovative backing effectively stores more carbon during its life cycle than it emits. It offers up to 87% total recycled and bio-based content, performs to the highest standards and installs with our TacTiles® glue-free installation system.

How does it work? Simply put, CircuitBac Green leverages photosynthesis, a process that naturally removes carbon from the atmosphere and stores it in plants. In this cycle, carbon is sequestered until the plant dies and begins to break down. When the plant naturally biodegrades to soil or is otherwise consumed, some of the captured carbon leaks skyward again. Plants either must keep living or be processed in specific ways for carbon to be retained and, thus, removed from the cycle.

This is exactly what CircuitBac Green accomplishes by incorporating natural, plant-derived carbon in its materials. The plants from which these resources originate have removed carbon from their surroundings. That carbon then enters the closed loop system that Interface has been developing for the last two decades. And in the unfortunate case that one of these carbon-storing tiles does find its way to a landfill, the polymers in which the tile’s ingredients are encased would prevent the stored carbon from going into the atmosphere for more than a generation.