Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

olatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are compounds which contain volatile carbon based substances. Simply, that means they release gases as they age. These gases usually have a detachable odour, but not always. This is not a new phenomenon; the smell of a new car and the smell of a freshly cut lawn are examples of VOC off gassing.

Interface, Inc. recognised the significance of the overall Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issue, and the specific impact VOC's have on IAQ, several years ago. Interface Research Corporation began evaluating each of the components of our carpet tile as well as the finished products.


VOC Certificates
GlasBac Nylon 6
GlasBac Nylon 6,6
InterTac Plus Adhesive
Floor Sealer
Seam Sealer
Note: Regardless of backing, Australian VOCs are tested on yarn type first, then backing type as the same materials are used.