Protekt²®- Advanced Soil and Stain Protection That Lasts

You can extend the life and performance of your flooring with Protekt²®, Interface patented stain resistant coating, Protekt²® uses advanced technology to provide a lasting barrier against permanent soiling and staining, which simplifies cleaning process and enhances the longevity of your carpet.

By resisting soiling and stains, Protekt²® reduces the need for frequent major cleaning, which keeps maintenance costs down. With Protekt²®, you get unparalleled protection against stains and soiling, enduring appearance, and cost-effective maintenance for your carpet.

Protekt²®has positive environmental aspects, too. And because carpets with Protekt²® don't need harsh cleaning agents. It can help keep the workplace more livable. Protekt²® also resists ozone degradation and is VOC-free.