Redesigning Commerce

Doing well by doing good is our business model and our ethos.

Interface aspires to be the proving ground for a new industrial revolution. By demonstrating that there is a better way to a bigger, more legitimate profit, we offer the world an undeniably improved business model that can serve as a paradigm for others to embrace. In acknowledging that we are part of the problem, it became our responsibility to become part of the solution. If a petro-intensive, old school manufacturing company like us can change, so can anyone.

The bold vision of our founder and chairman Ray Anderson was initially inspired by Paul Hawken’s The Ecology of Commerce, in which he writes, “There is only one institution on earth large enough, powerful enough, pervasive enough, influential enough to really lead humankind in a different direction. And that is the institution of business and industry.” This means that Interface is driven by the obligation to leverage our leadership and influence to achieve greater systems change.

Transforming our industry and its systems—starting with our own supply chain—clearly requires collaboration. We simply can’t reach our goals alone. From our earliest days, we have sought out sustainability thought leaders from a range of sectors and disciplines. By getting involved in bigger movements, we continue to learn, evolve and make new allies on this journey of redesigning commerce.