ReEntry™ - Creating a Circular Economy

"If we're successful, we'll spend the rest of our days harvesting yester-year's carpets and other petrochemically derived products and recycling them into new materials; and converting sunlight into energy; with zero scrap going to the landfill and zero emissions into the ecosystem. And we'll be doing well, very well, by doing good. That's the vision." -Ray C. Anderson

At Interface we are creating a future in which we use only recycled or bio-based raw materials to make our products and cut our dependence on oil. Interface has pioneered the circular economy model by creating our own comprehensive recycling program helping us design a better world. We are breathing new life into old products while continuously exploring more sustainable ways to make our products. We call this ReEntry.

At Interface we design with purpose. We make beautiful products, fit for purpose, that can be recycled at end of life.

When you decide your Interface carpet has reached the end of its serviceable life what will you do? Will you send it to landfill or look for a more sustainable solution?

We believe you will want the latter. ReEntry is our service to you the customer and the environment. It is a partnership working to do the right thing, to divert waste from landfill and to help us reach our collective goal to zero our impact on the environment.