The Net-Works Program

Net-Works® is an innovative, cross-segment initiative designed to tackle the growing environmental problem of discarded fishing nets in some of the world’s poorest coastal communities. At the same time, it supports Interface’s Mission Zero® goal to source 100% recycled material for our carpet tile and also aligns with the Live Zero pillar of our larger Climate Take BackTM initiative.

Interface has partnered with the Zoological Society of London to buy discarded fishing nets from some of the poorest communities in the world. The nets are recycled into new yarn for our carpet tiles by Aquafil. The benefits? Fewer ghost nets, less virgin materials and a new source of income for the communities. The partnership has created an inclusive business model with positive outcomes for everyone involved. The program started in the Philippines and was expanded to Cameroon in 2015.

The Net-Works program proves collaborative innovation can create positive, sustainable change. Read more at or follow the @FishNotPlastic Twitter account.